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About us

Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association (MFTPA), which was established on 30 January 2015, is a non-profit association. We aim at fostering Macao’s films and television cultural industry.

Support the development of local talents

One of our missions is to support the development of local talents in the industry. Apart from helping the local productions, we have also provided support for many films that had film shooting on Macao’s location. Those film productions such as “Return of the Cuckoo” and “Guia in Love” are the typical examples among them.

Promote film appreciation culture

MFTPA has been organsing training and learning opportunities for local people on a regular basis. Through the sharing of filmmakers from all over the world, we hope to expedite the development of the local cinema and extend it to all members of society, including secondary school and university students. The objective is to inspire our future generations to enjoy and appreciate films, as well as to provoke self-reflections on life through the cinema.

Promote the development of the local film industry

Jointly organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office and MFTPA, the International Film festival & Awards Macao, which is held in December of the year, target to establish Macao as one of the major international events and marketplaces in Asia. Moreover, it aims to help Macao build an international reputation as a culturally vibrant city that offers tourists unforgettable experiences. Also, we strive to increase recognition and contribute to establishing the international reputation to Macao’s film industry.


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“世界視聽遺產日慶祝活動2019 - 分享講座”
“世界視聽遺產日慶祝活動2019 - 分享講座”
“世界視聽遺產日慶祝活動2019 - 分享講座”   活動簡介: 為慶祝&ldq...

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“世界視聽遺產日慶祝活動2019 - 分享講座”
“世界視聽遺產日慶祝活動2019 - 分享講座”


Member Obligation

Members are required to abide by the resolutions of the Board of Director and Council Board. Also, members shall actively participate, support and assist the activities organized by the Association, as well as promote the development of the Association and the mutual cooperation among members. Membership fee shall be paid on time and members shall not deliberately injure the reputation of the Association.

Comments and Advice

Members can participate all the activities and enjoy all the benefits of the Association. Members have the right to give comments and advise to the Association. Members shall cease to be a member by notice in writing to the Council Board.

Contact Us


Contact Us

Tel: (853) 2850 9168
Fax: (853) 2850 9183
Email: [email protected]

Association address:
Alameda Dr. Carlos D’ Assumpcao, No. 336~342,
Centro Commercial Cheng Feng, 8 Andar I

Office hours:
10 am to 7 pm from Mondays to Fridays
10 am to 1 pm on Saturdays